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Bi Sebaa for Hajj and Umrah Campaign

Bin Sebaa campaign was founded in 2002 and manages a national cadre versed in the actions of Hajj and Umrah tamattu long-standing experience in this field has been the first campaign since its inception developed a master her goal is to develop services offered in the Holy Land.
The number of pilgrims to the campaign was the first flight by the House of God somewhere between 40 to 50 pilgrims, and thanks to God and the determination of management bin lions campaign on reaching the goal that was Taattalh him have been able to campaign in a few years to send the number of pilgrims ranges between 400 to 500 pilgrims during a single season due thanks to the high-end services they provide, which led to the acquisition of a reputed between the UAE campaigns.
Bin Sebaa campaign to expand the services they provide and through the establishment of specialized section of travel and tourism, which was begun as early 2008.
We ask Allah to guide us to what he loves and is pleased with that, and you accept our good deeds..