VIP services

nterest of the company to provide new and unique just been hired Jeddah airport to provide VIP services from the door of the plane to the VIP lounge and then rid the nuts and receipt of bags and transportation to the place of residence under the slogan:

Serve you traveled journey of faith ownership of services

Provide services for private aircraft.

Services farewell at the airport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to the door of the plane with securing rid of all nuts and bags.

Provide concierge services from the door of the plane and provide VIP service.

Insurance and means of transport all kinds of Luxury: Mercedes car, APM دبلو, James, Ford.

Delegate facilities from the airport to the hotel: The delegate provide and facilitate the service at the hotel until the door of the room.

Delegate shall deliver a special guest Telephone Saudi chip can be used by guests throughout its existence in Umrah or Hajj.

Secure person on campus facilities and annealed to explain insurance Umrah and AVI explanation about the campus and its history.

Insurance for Guest Services, which is Arabic coffee in Arab houses.

Insurance and Arab popular meals prepared to the guest in the hands of pro Ktabkhat People Arabia.

Secure the services of a visit market accompanied by utilities or accompany and advise on the market as gold and cloth markets and belly.

Provide entertainment for the family trip to the nearest theme park in Mecca and chairlifts.

Provide a service farewell to the door of the plane.

Secure all kinds of dates and luxury Zamzam water as a gift for the family